Hello, guys, my name is Sourya Simha. Unusual name, I guess. Anyway, I’d like to keep this blog strictly about digital marketing. Everything I’ve learned, am learning and will learn will be posted here. First of all, I’d like to tell you about myself. After my graduation, I started working at Issa Studios, doing social media marketing for them. Without any prior knowledge of marketing or social media knowledge, that is. Let’s just say I was not the best at it. But I was learning things, picking up tricks here and there. After about six months, I met with an accident, and I had like a year took away from my life. Somewhere in those 10-11 months, when I was doing nothing, I had a lot of time to think. Since I was getting good at marketing, I wanted to learn the tricks of the trade instead of jumping right into it without knowing anything like the last time. And after I was well enough to walk properly at least, I started enquiring about Digital Marketing institutes. That’s how I found Digital Ready at Madhapur. Been a couple of days since I started attending classes. And I’d like to share some of the things I learned there.

First, we start with the definition of Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is the process of reaching those target customers in a more precise and efficient way through various digital channels to attract, engage and convert them. There are four simple Steps for Digital marketing. Define, create, attract and convert.

Before we get into the four steps mentioned above, I’d like to discuss the Digital Marketing Trifecta, i.e., different types of media and their overlaps. There are three types of media. Earned, Owned and Paid.

Earned media is any mentions, shares, reposts, and reviews posted about your product without your interference. It is “earned” by you, whether it is good or bad.

Owned Media is any web property that you own such as websites, social media channels, blog sites, mobile apps, etc. All of this combined help you promote your brand in the digital market.

Paid Media is an excellent way to promote content to drive earned media, as well as direct traffic to owned media properties. This can be done by advertising through various platforms such as google adwords, facebook ads, linkedin ads, etc. You can also pay influencers to promote your content through their digital channels.


This is a very crucial stage in the Digital Marketing process. This is the stage where you define various factors according which the whole process is going to be progressed. This is done in 5 phases.

1. Questionnaire and Requirement Analysis
2. Buyer Persona
3. Core Messaging Document
4. Idea Generation
5. Marketing Mix

1. Questionnaire and Requirement Analysis:

In this phase you will be sending a questionnaire to the client to collect the basic data about who they are, what is their offering, who is their target audience, what is the value proposition, the core message they wanted to communicate, their objectives from the digital marketing exercise and the timelines.

2. Buyer Persona:

By defining personas, we put ourselves in the shoes of a “typical” target person &define processes by empathizing with them in a very detailed way so we can convert them, directly or indirectly.

3. Core Messaging Document:

A core messaging document is a message that you are trying to get across to all of our customers. It should be persistent, consistent and when done right, it should be at every place you want the message to get across. This document then guides everything you do from a marketing perspective, and serve as the platform for all of your messaging. Everything you do moving forward will be anchored to this, so you want to make sure you take the proper approach.

4. Idea Generation:

After you are clear on the requirements, created the personas and the message. It’s time to come with the ideas to push the message to the target audience. Take the research already done and other case studies to understand the possibilities and generate ideas accordingly.

5. Marketing Mix:

Now, we have to choose how we are going to get the message across through various marketing channels. Choosing the right marketing channels is very important. Go to your customers and see where they are active the most. Do this for every buyer persona you have created and understood the patterns.

We will get into the other steps in the next post. I am eager to learn and share everything I have learned here. Till then, Goodbye.